Why Counselling?

People seek counselling for many different reasons; you may feel trapped, stuck in ways you behave, think and/or feel.

You may be at a stage of your life where making decision feels very scary and you do not know which way to choose. Feeling depressed, anxious, being scared, guilty and not having anybody to talk to can be very isolating.

Counselling can help you gain a better awareness of feelings, thoughts and patterns in your life, which have been a part of you for a long time. This understanding facilitates a change in you. Looking back at your life can be challenging, even painful, you may even have moments of not wanting to carry on.

For some people, unresolved experiences from the past can mean that they feel anxious, socially isolated or depressed. For other people, the impact may mean that they feel unsafe, on the edge, finding it hard to concentrate; they may have difficulties trusting or being in a relationship.

Sometimes, unresolved traumatic experiences might lead to feeling stuck, frozen or emotionally numb. It is not uncommon that people do not connect their current challenges with events that happened in their past.

However, there is “the other side”, you becoming a free person, gaining a better understanding of yourself, this can give you a sense of Self, being in control over your feelings, thoughts and behaviour, leading to self-acceptance.

In my work I put a lot of emphasis on the quality of our relationship. I bring attention to what goes on in “Here and Now”, empathetically listen to you and gently reflect on what I hear. I believe that very often what happens in the therapy room between the counsellor and the clients reflect patterns of behaviour in the “outside world”. This is especially valuable as it provides a chance to explore and gain a better understanding of patterns that have been affecting your life.